Monday, February 8, 2010

Cut it out, Anthony Stewart Head

Well, well, well.

Mood: Absolutely Starstruck

I received a special package in the mail the other day, the postage marked all the way from England. Opening it I had no idea what was inside and thought perhaps it was an invitation to join a British collaging group (an offer I would most likely have declined--I don't really "get" the British style of collaging).

I opened the package and instead of a fawning letter, I found something WAY better--an autographed headshot of Anthony Stewart Head (aka Mr. Rupert Giles from Buffy, come on)!
The headshot is creased from its journey in the mail and is quite possibly the most unflattering picture I've ever seen of ASH. It's also a photo from when he apparently did a stint on the British show Dr. Who, instead of a Buffy photo that I would obviously have preferred. HOWEVER, the autograph looks fresh and authentic, and who cares, it's an autographed picture of Giles!! It made my week/year.

So this turn of events means that at least one Buffy cast member has received my package from months ago, with the personalized letters and script copies. The package from ASH came just with the signed headshot, no letter or mention of the script. However, I'm going to assume that his personalized present to me signifies his full consent in the project.

Welcome aboard, Anthony Stewart Head!

Anthony Stewart Head, rehearsals start in a week.

PS--You can also bet your bippy I'll be following up with ASH with more letters (and another request for a Buffy headshot. Can't get enough of this guy!).