Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Talk

This just can't be right. Some of you may know my (extreme) passion for The Sound of Music. I love it, can probably recite all of it, had my dreams come true when a sing-a-long came to Toronto, want to own a gazebo just to dance in it, the whole shebang.

I didn't even know they were planning a remake of TSOM. Bad, bad idea. Cameron Diaz as Maria Von Trapp? HORRIBLE idea. I'm assuming Julie Andrews was joking when she said Diaz was her first choice, or maybe just being nice. You know how nice Julie is. She just wants to please us all.

Here are my top three choices for Maria Von Trapp if , and only if, a remake of TSOM comes to life.

1.) Anne Hathaway

She can act, she's fresh-faced and sincere, and most importantly, she can sing. I could believe her as Maria. I think she's about to star in a Broadway show based on Judy Garland's life, so she's obviously got some kind of chops, and she also just seems nice. I wouldn't mind getting some ice cream with Anne Hathaway, though she might get creeped out upon seeing my collage of her (to be posted soon; have patience, readers). I could totally see Anne Hathaway rocking the nun habit and giving some advice to dear Liesl.

2.) Zooey Deschanel

Zooey can also act and sing; however, she usually plays the quirky best friend or love interest. This would be a huge leap for her, and be a big departure from her usual jazzy singing (which I really like). Zooey's also really cute and pretty like Maria must be, but not in a threatening way (a la The Baroness). This suggestion may be based on my huge crush on Zooey, but she'd still be a million times better than Cameron Diaz. I think Zooey would shine in scenes with the Captain, such as "Something Good." And man, she'd look really cute in Maria's blue dress.

3.) Lea Michelle

This girl is amazing. I'm a new fan of hers, thanks to a new little show called Glee, which, if you've seen me in the past 2 months or so, I've probably brought up in conversation to you. She's also rocked Spring Awakening and is obviously super familiar with Broadway and any kind of musical. She's also young, beautiful, energetic and classy. Lea Michelle would excel in the scenes with the kids, such as "Do Re Mi" and "My Favorite Things" and could also probably handle spinning on a mountaintop.

So there are my thoughts on a subject that is very dear to me. Let me know YOUR thoughts--who would you cast as Maria? Who would be your nightmare Maria? (I'd be pretty devastated if Jessica Biel got cast, and Megan Fox would be boycottable).

PS--If you're not convinced that a.)Lea Michelle can sing, or b.) Glee is going to be an amazing show, check out this. It's pretty much all my roommate and I have been watching for months and the reason I've tried to get my friends to start a glee club with me. I know if I watch this clip enough, I'll eventually be able to sing like her. Or handle the background vocals. I'd take that.

PPS--Who wants to be in a glee club with me?


  1. I totally agree with you about Anne Hathaway -- she would be perfect to play Maria Von Trapp. Plus, she worked with Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries, so Julie would probably be delighted if Anne got the role -- and perhaps even coach her.

    What about Emmy Rossum? She was pretty good in Phantom of the Opera.

    PS I saw the pink dress Emmy Rossum wore in Phantom on display at the mall. I took a picture of it. It looks very cheap in real life.

    PPS I want to be in the glee club. I get to sing bass.

  2. Ya, I considered Emmy Rossum--I've heard good things about her, though I haven't seen Phantom. I'm still rooting for Anne in the imaginary casting; she gets another point because she and Julie were costars (good call there).

    And lucky for you, we're actually lacking a bassist in our glee club; glad to have you!