Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cut it out, Lost

I want to share another of my favorite pieces with you guys, since I know you will appreciate them.

This piece is based on the hit television show Lost. While I'm a big fan of the show, this collage in actuality has very little to do with the show. Sure, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Hurley are all featured prominently. However, the viewer needs to look past that to see what's NOT featured quite so prominently. The attentive viewer will note the lack of radical warfare, the lack of technological streams of consciences and the lack of third world influences. What is present? Jack and Kate used to reflect on gender divisions, Jin and Sun asking us to consider colonialization and the polar bear bringing ideas of commercialism in today's society.

You might notice this piece is unfinished in a few spots. Many of my pieces can take years to complete, as I have to feel the inspiration to work on them. If I had to pick a date, I suspect my Lost collage will be completed in 2011.

$475 US (as is)

PS--I actually got to meet (well, see) Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, as they came for a film premiere at the theater where I work. My friend served them on bar, and said they were super nice and down to earth. They were some of the few celebs that even attempted to leave a tip and joked around with the bartenders. Evangeline was so pretty in person as well and seeing her made me an even bigger fan. Jeremy Piven, take notes on not being an a-hole in person.

PPS-- My brother and I have been trying for years to write a theme song for Lost. Mine is a snappy little jingle which simply states: "We're Lost!" Simple and to the point. Submit your best Lost theme song here--perhaps the winner will receive this collage!



    " 'cause we're LOST on an island! "

    Hey, hope you still plan on making that Natalie Portman "Cut It Out"!!! She's my girl!

  2. Does this make me the winner due to process of elimination?

  3. Jeremy Piven is on my "You're Dead To Me" list.
    Next time he won't even think about entering my elevator...oh how I despise him.

  4. You don't win, Singh--I need YOUR own invented version. Though I'm imagining something to that extent.

    Perhaps a Natalie Portman collage will be hanging in your locker upon your return...who can say, really?

    And Heather, Piven is right up there with Swank in my books. They both know my feelings.