Friday, November 27, 2009

Buffy: Day 16

Day 16 was a small shoot with just me, Rob and Amy (or Buffy, Xander and Willow), but it was particularly exciting because it was our first day of shooting actual DIALOGUE! We did a scene set outside of Sunnydale High (University of Toronto did a pretty nice job of subbing in).

Mood: Freezing

The day started with some location scouting and apparently a Chinese Lantern festival.

Ready for your first glance at Buffy, Xander and Willow? Dream Team!

We did some publicity photos and took a few shots to test the lighting before our rehearsals and filming.

Hey, look! We're having a perfectly normal conversation! Pretty good acting, huh?

Sunnydale High? Sure.

Rob's wardrobe as Xander consists almost entirely of polyester shirts. And strangely enough, Wardrobe found most of them in the women's section. You certainly can't tell.

It was a short scene that we shot, but it was so cold outside that I had goosebumps all over my skin. Note Zak's winter jacket, which probably kept him pretty warm against the wind. Note my bare arms, which did not. I'm sure people in California sometimes shiver and have chattering teeth while in the sunshine, right? This episode is going to be picked apart by the critics.

Nice socks, Amy!

All in all, once we got a few rehearsals out of the way, the scene went well. However, I'm slightly worried that I may be a horrible actor. I'm still surprised by how long it takes to film even the shortest scene--this one took at least 2 hours. Now we have 1 page of the script done--46 to go! We're still working on scheduling issues but hopefully the next update I have will include some Spike & Drusilla footage and some graveyard scenes. My current project is working on creating the 'Vampyr' book that's featured in all of the Buffy openings and making more tombstones (the invitation for fan-art tombstones still stands!).

So just a quick update from me; keep an eye in the media for us, I think word is starting to spread after some interviews. But don't worry, I promise that artistic integrity will remain our primary focus!