Monday, November 23, 2009

Carla and the Canadian Dairy Commission

Hello everyone! I'd like to thank you all and Samantha for letting me join her on the blogging world. It's my first time blogging so I am very excited. I hope you will accept me as a new friend.

I would like to share with some of my letters. As Samantha mentioned, I do enjoy sending letters to various companies and groups. I believe letter writing is a wonderful way to let these companies know your thoughts. Sometimes I send letters praising products. It also seems that I receive an unusually high number of defective products, though I'm not sure why, but believe me when I say that I let those companies know about it. I like to think that I am sticking up for people like us everywhere when I send a letter. I also like to send in my own sketches with letters; I've taken a few art classes back in secondary school and like to make use of my skills when I can.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Canadian Dairy Commission. I wrote this letter at a point when I was feeling quite lackluster and a bit lost in my career. I have always enjoyed milk, so naturally my mind turned to the dairy farming world. I'll let the letter do the explaining.

This is a sketch of my proposed Dairy Farm. I included this so they would know that I was serious about becoming a dairy farmer, not just one of those people who pretend to be interested just for the perks.

To my delight, I received a reply back from the Canadian Dairy Commission! It was a truly lovely letter.

After reading it, I felt quite inspired. Chantal liked my dairy farm and wanted me to be a dairy farmer like her! However, events transpired in the following months which left me feeling defeated and, I hate to say it, a bit down on dairy. I felt lost, so I reached out to Chantal again, hoping she could brighten my thoughts like she did last time.

I don't know if my letter was lost in the mail or if perhaps Chantal was promoted to a different department, but I still haven't received a reply back. It'd be easy to be mad at Chantal or take out my hurt on the Canadian Dairy Commission, but I couldn't do that. Chantal is a lovely person who loves dairy, so I can't wish her anything but the best.

I'm happy to report that I am back in an office job (I don't wish to disclose many more details for fear of history repeating!) and my lactose intolerance seems to have cleared up. I am back to drinking milk and have a general appreciation for my life. Though sometimes my mind does still wander to what could have been with my dairy farm, at least I know that the Canadian Dairy Commisison is (almost) always there for me.


  1. You could maybe start with a smaller animal to milk, perhaps a goat. I would definitely consider purchasing a share in your goat farm.

    Useful info: Talking to a farmer a little while ago.. dairy farms are huge money makers, but if you start your own it would probably take about 20yrs before you could cover your debt and make a gain. "marry a girl(/boy) with a dairy farm dowry" non-dairy farmers say.

  2. I like the name Rambaldo for your cow...although it's a bit masculine...I would go with Angela.

    I am also a dairy enthusiast-My favorite is chocolate milk.

  3. That is good advice, Zak and Velvet! Zak, I had considered goats but they are funny animals. Do you know that a goat will eat anything you place in front of him or her? That worries me.

    Velvet, Rambaldo IS a masculine, strong name. It is named after my great-great uncle, who was a strong man who also enjoyed dairy. Who knows, maybe he enjoyed chocolate milk, too!