Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Gif

Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself clad in red crushed velour, driving a wooden stake (or two) into the hearts of your vampiric enemies? Have you ever wanted to watch this scene again and again, in an endless loop of destruction and dusting? Have you ever thought that you were more deserving of a gif than anyone else that you know?

I have. And now my dreams have come true.

Thanks to my editor and cinematographer, Zak Tatham, I have been immortalized in gif form (this now marks one of my life goals complete). Check it out!

I've always been very intrigued by gifs and I think I'd like to use more of them and their hypnotic powers. My favorite gif-master can be found here, Rich from fourfour who has an awesome blog. He makes gifs even more fun by combining them with the ridiculousness that is Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model (a show often overlooked by the Emmys, though it could be [but is not] described as the critic's darling for its innovative and often unflinching look into the fashion industry and society).

Now I challenge YOU to make your own gifs, whether they be gifs of me or gifs of things that aren't me.

Special thanks to Zak T., who I hope will have a long future in the gif-industry.


  1. Oh wow--I love your GIF--now make me one! I wish I was a bit more tech-savvy!

  2. dreams come true.. velvet, gifs are extremely hard and time consuming, maybe if you dress up as willow (sp?)

  3. I would like to request a gif-making tutorial. Maybe Velvet can have one as Faith dancing?