Friday, March 19, 2010

A Subversive Spring

In time to celebrate the third day of spring, I would like to share a few more pieces of my art with all of you. Spring, to me, signifies not only the blooming of flowers and the revival of culottes, but also time for new subversive collages, meant to inspire, dazzle and perplex.
I've been working here and there on a few new pieces but sadly haven't finished anything in time for display, so I'll share a few of the "classics."
"Scarlett Johannson"
I found Scarlett to be a great subversive collage subject, both due to her accessible media coverage and her widespread association with foreign diplomacy and the health care debate. Scarlett is one of my oldest collages-- I've had several offers for this piece and there's an ongoing bidding war between both Vancouver and craigslist for it. I will sell Scarlett to the highest bidder, as is my usual practice. Feel free to enter the war!
$750.00 CAN

"Heartthrob", close-up
This is a newer collage; pretty self-explanatory. I'm trying to explore the ties between society's idea of justice and beauty, and the space in between. What happens in that space? How deeply is justice intertwined with beauty, and vice versa? Which gender is more affected by this collage? Can we even be divided and defined into genders?

The answers may surprise you. Do John Krasinski, Tim Riggins and James Franco hold the answers? I'm not sure, but I enjoy looking at them.
Not for sale.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a subversive collage. I like to seclude myself in my workspace and not be disturbed while I'm collaging. I will occasionally permit visits while I'm working but will rarely speak during them.

A little known fact is that I will, on occasion, collaborate with another artist for a piece. Here Zak works on a piece that we made over the summer and presented as a gift to a friend. Zak first became familiar with my work when I entered a fan art contest he and his boys at Family Contact were holding. Intrigued by the subversiveness of the piece, he decided to interview me. Since then, Zak and I have collaborated on many projects together (perhaps you've read about our work on Buffy), and while we have very different styles, they can sometimes merge together into a successful collage.
"Amy's Birthday"

I don't think Zak was entirely satisfied with the end result; like Angela Martin, he's a known perfectionist.

If we had not given this subversive collage to a friend, I would have priced it at $445.00 CAN.

On occasion, I will write to different art societies and present my work to them. Last year I wrote to the Ontario Crafts Council and sent them the below letter.

I of course also included pictures of the mentioned collages, including "Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston" "Scarlett Johannson" and "Lost." To date, there has been no reply from the OCC. Oftentimes, I find that art societies and councils can become overwhelmed when viewing my work, as it reminds them of art's potential. Sometimes no reply is needed.

I hope these collages brighten up your first few days of spring. Which collage do YOU find the most inspiring? Do you dream of creating your own subversive collage? Who would you like to see featured next? As always, I'd love to hear it.


  1. I do love your work. I think you should start on a Buffy collage next! Combine both loves.

    I like your ScarJo above-it looks like you put a lot of time and effort into that one! How long did it take you to collect all those photos!?

  2. do an animal collage, turtles, or dog fur.. something, or what about your grass or sky mash up, hhm? email the moma.