Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meatless May!

It's almost a new month (May), which means it's time for a new challenge!

I believe in challenging myself as often as possible, often for extended periods of time. Today, for example, I did not blow dry my hair in the morning. I recently gave up chocolate for 40 days and 40 nights (this happened to coincide with Lent, but was not specifically for Lent). Last summer I tried to wear a dress every single day that it was feasible (not raining, warm weather outside, you know).

I think you can see from these three photos that I successfully accomplished that challenge.

I believe my latest personal challenge will be to give up meat for the month of May. I'm not a big meat eater and I already take vegetarian options quite often so it won't be incredibly hard. I'm also considering POSSIBLY giving up dairy for May, which would be quite likely the hardest thing I could imagine. As you know, I'm an avid cereal consumer, and I also love yogurt, frozen yogurt, cheese, etc. I know there are non-dairy options for all of these things, but relaxing with a glass of almond milk just isn't the same as skim. I recently saw the documentary Food Inc. which has definitely influenced this challenge idea. We'll see if I have the willpower for it.

My other challenge for May is to learn how to do a kip-up. After closely observing Buffy's fighting techniques in my nightly character studies, I noticed that she often does a move where she is on her back on the ground and propels her body upwards by swinging her legs forward. Sounds confusing, huh? I didn't think it would be so hard to discover the name for this move until my gfs and I tried to research it online.

We combined vague key words in attempts to describe the move and received equally vague Google image results. Check out some of the more helpful results we found:

"Buffy swing up move"

"Buffy fighting ground kick"

*Note--I'm totally naming my next dog/cat Buffy.

"Lie on ground and flip up move"

*Note: this will hopefully be the only time Sarah Palin will be featured on my blog.

Finally we wised up and discovered that this particular move is called a "kip-up." If you're still confused, watch this video to see how to do a kip-up.

You can find other kip-up videos, but I liked this guy the best.
I admire his ambition, especially when attempting the no-handed kip-up, which he hasn't quite mastered yet. I will look to him for inspiration this month.

While researching "Buffy kip-up" videos on YouTube, we also discovered this fun gem. This British guy does kip-ups too, but he calls them "the Buffy flip." I might like him more.

My favorite part is when he reenacts Buffy being stabbed and falling to the ground.
And then he stands up and does it one more time for good measure. If I met this guy, I would instantly offer him whatever role he wanted in my Buffy episode, no audition needed.

So there you have it: my challenges for May. I'll keep you updated on the meat (and possibly dairy) free month.

If I master the kip-up, I will post a video of me doing one at the end of the month. If I don't, I will pretend I never said anything about it.

Is anyone else up for a fun challenge in May, like giving up smoking, opening your own business or learning Ancient Greek? I invite you all, at the very least, to join me on my kip-up challenge. What better way to start summer than by lying on our backs and using our feet and core strength to propel us upwards to a standing position and surprise our enemies!


  1. Wow! This Meatless May thing is great, because I'm thinking of giving up meat for Lent next year. If you go through with this, you'll have to tell me how you survived. Good luck!

    PS I love Sarah Palin ;)

  2. Killer videos! I can't decide which I like more! Meatless May WILL be a challenge-but I know you're up for it!

  3. I change my diet after some research a year and a half ago and watching Food, Inc. contributed to it. I have been eating only fish, no other meat, occasionally since then!!! Pescetarian, baby! Then, recently I read "In Defense of Food" and it furthered my commitment. I shop locally now too - I call it a 'chain of shopping'. 1st farmers market, 2nd co-op, 3rd local grocer, 4th fresh market and kroger for items I can't get elsewhere... i hardly ever have to visit them anymore because I can get what I need at the first 3 places. Good Luck!!!! I get so excited when I hear people are making these choices for themselves, their community, and the environment.
    Step off soapbox now.. the buffy kip-up guy is AWESOME. If you meet him, will you get me an autograph?
    You rock, Sam... I think I have a girl-crush on you!

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  5. I LOVE the Kip-UP boys. I feel the need to give them a hug. Great job on your blog!!

  6. Sammi Jane - your blog always makes me smile. Good luck with the non-dairy, I know that will be oh so difficult for you. Read "Skinny Bitch" and it'll help you hate meat and dairy more so you wont want it =) Good luck with that kip up thing too...if anyone can accomplish it you can. I bet your no handed one will be way better than the 15 year old kid too. I fully support naming your next animal buffy, btw. My future basset hound will be named Brisket. We currently have rats named Soy Sauce and Sushi. Naming animals is a forte of ours. Ha, forte. That made me think of band, which made me think of Johnny, which made me think of how he loved you so much there was a framed picture of you on his desk. *sigh* MISS YOU! - Me

  7. Wow, thanks for all of the nice feedback, guys! I'm so glad all of you liked this post.

    Jenn- I put up Sarah Palin mostly for you; I thought you would like that. :) Meatless Lent!

    Jenny--I love your chain of shopping! I want to do the same thing. Food, Inc. definitely made me feel a bit panicked about being more aware of checking ingrediants and trying to eat as organic as possible. V & I have also started watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (which everyone should watch!) and it really makes you realize how important food quality is. I love that you're on the same page! Girl crush returned! (PS--I laughed at that comment for a good five minutes.)

    To Velvet & 4intow, it really is hard to pick your fave kip up boy; mine changes with my mood. I think the first boy needs a hug more, though.

    Britto--I didn't know you read the blog! I'm happy you do. I did peruse a "Skinny Bitch" book once but the mean tone of it made me angry, lol. I think I'm too sensitive for it, but I do know what you mean--they lay out some harsh stuff. And I think you've always liked naming your pets after food/beverages (Soda Pop & Yoo Hoo come to mind...) :)


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  9. I would especially like to commend you on so thoughtfully including a link to Wikipedia for "meat". I found this to be most helpful. Keep up the great work!

  10. I would like to learn how to drive, if u see me on the road beware ��

    1. Hmm...I would not consider driving one of my strong suits, but it is certainly an admirable goal. However, might I try to convince you to learn to kip-up instead of driving? Easier, cheaper, more impressive, better for the environment. Cooler. Handier in a fight. Better for your core.

      ...I'm thinking...YES!