Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joy to the World

If I'm watching Elf for the third (3rd) time in a week, then it's probably Christmas and I probably need a life.

Merry Christmas from my roommates to yours!

If you'd like some inspiring holiday words, here are some courtesy of my brother: "Writing's for chumps." Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you received all of the Great Grains your heart desired!


  1. Hi Samantha,

    I'm not quite sure how I found it, but your blog is wonderfully warm and funny. The Harry Potter resume, the screaming rocks, the great photos... Have you ever read One Red Paperclip? I think you could write a book too. My own project, if you are curious, is at and yes, I am trying to make it into a book :)


  2. Hi Johnny,

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I'm so glad you like it. I've heard of the One Red Paperclip project but had no idea it was turned into a book--I'll have to check it out.

    I really enjoyed your project and blog. What a neat idea! I love it. Will you be having your first Canadian tour in 2011? Let me know so I can submit my own question. I could see your project being turned into a book, no problem. I think I'd be pretty overjoyed if someone wanted to turn this blog into a book. Maybe 2011 will be our year! :) Best of luck to you, Johnny.