Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010-A Picture Review

January 1st is not only a day for lying hungover on the couch (which I may or may not have done all day long) but also for serious reflection and imparting wisdom on your friends. As my roommates seem to want none of my wisdom today, I've been forced to instead think back upon the year. Though 2010 wasn't my favorite year (almost being deported can really put a damper on your social life), it had a lot of great, unblogged-about moments.

Come, let's take a journey into the year 2010 and re-live some of it's finest moments!

*Obviously Detroit and the Motorama Motel were the absolute best parts of the year but I figured I've talked about that enough already. Just know they were the highlight of 2010.

Velvet and I start 2010 with a small and tasteful New Years Eve party at our house. Such a pain to clean up.

We attend our theater's Christmas party, always themed and always held in January. To fit this year's theme of "Fairy Tale Enchantment," Velvet, Heather and I went as the three main ladies of Scotland's most well-known fairy tale, Whuppity Stoorie. We win zero (0) costume prizes.

To celebrate turning 25 in February, my friends threw me a Western-themed birthday party, complete with lots of flannel, drinking mugs shaped like cowboy boots (we've gotten lots of use out of those, believe me) and straw on the ground. I love my friends and their shared enthusiasm for themed parties.

(PS--Check out Money passed out on my bed; looks like someone partied a bit too hard that night. And that someone that I'm referring to here is Money.)

We very much enjoy forcing our friends to dress up in costumes (this was a repeated theme in 2010).

Zak and I rented a row boat in Central Park in April.

It took me a full 20 minutes to master the art of row boating, but once I got it, I was an unstoppable, barely adequate, rowing-into-trees rowing machine.

Expressing ourselves through the art form that is dance was perhaps the most important part of 2010.

We returned to the Algonquin Motel in July to paint our wall murals (don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I still need to blog about that second trip, you can all stop emailing me about it, thank you very much).

We are obviously quite comfortable in nature.

Velvet, Heather and I became roommates and moved to a new neighborhood in September with the help of a few good and somewhat strong friends. And we only broke one (1) (antique) mirror in the process of it!

We haven't seen Marley since moving in. I'm hoping he'll turn up one day.

An October visit to my brother Devin and the Florida beach, where I forced him to hunt for shark's teeth with me. Such a good bro.

Hosting the most awkward Thanksgiving party possible in our new place. Don't believe me? Then you probably weren't there.

Little Giants wins our second dodgeball championship and reclaims the title from our nemesis, Deathblow (you can see them sulking in the background here, hey guys!).

And then we rejoiced!

Hold Your Balls wins our first dodgeball championship. As seasoned underdogs, this was a very proud moment for our team, finally proving we are a team TO BE FEARED BY ALL.


We threw Velvet a surprise 80s prom themed party for her 30th birthday. This involved blowing up hundreds of balloons and compiling a six (6) hour long 80s playlist (which we've been listening to ever since).

And everyone dressed up, which means it was a major success.

I return home for Christmas break and reunite with my high school best friends. It was the first time we'd all been home together for years, but it always feels like we're right back in our high school days, marching up a storm (you're looking at six [6] members of the Panther Pride Marching Band). Here, Mike, Wes and Chandler cringe as the girls make them take a jumping shot in Target.

As for 2011, my New Year's resolutions are to write more (that means you, blog, and also my unfinished Sweet Valley High novel) and to finally learn how to wear eye makeup. Clearly, it's going to be a major year.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hit me up with your New Year's resolutions!


  1. My New Year's resolutions:
    Accept one booty call per week.
    Talk A LOT more.
    Eat more McDonalds!
    Throw out all my make-up and razors. Au Naturel 2011.

  2. WOW!! 2010 went by so quickly, I don't even remember NOT living with you guys...but I do vaguely remember being a lot happier once upon a time.

    New Year's resolutions, well:

    Learn to read of course (the pictures on your blog are awful nice)

    I'd like to be more active, see you on the dodgeball court suckas

    Someone also wrote on my New Year's resolutions paper to "Fuck Off" (Velvet), so I guess I'll add that to my to do list

    Bring it on 2011!!

  3. Velvet, I was SO looking forward to your Mom commenting on your botty call resolution. Where are you, Tish?!

    Heather, keep working on the reading but know that I will always be there to read you your bedtime stories, my female Jordan Catalano.