Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cut it out, Canada!

Yesterday was a very big day for me-- after seven (7) years of living in Canada, I became an official Permanent Resident of Canada. That means I can't be deported anymore (unless I do something really , really awful I guess). I'm a very lucky gal!

Celebrations were in order. A hobbit stopped by and took a picture with us*. Obviously the Canadian flag stickers were busted out. And maybe the fog machine.

Ain't no party like a Green Card party! Seriously, try it yourself.

*and by hobbit, I mean a sick Heather. She has fully recovered so it's okay to make fun of her.


  1. I'd like to defend myself, which I have to do often on this blog.
    I was very sick and unable to move, speak, hear, see, breathe...yet here I am (as a true friend) joining in on the celebration for your Green Card. Something I'm not sure I'd like to celebrate anymore, can I have that moment back please?

  2. Money is such a joy to live with. She really brightens the living space.

    Yayyyyy to greencard! It's been a long and winding road but you made it.

    Let's go tobogganing!

  3. Thank you, dear roommates, for your support through this long and winding road AND for your participation in my Green Card Party. when's my surprise REAL Green Card Party celebration happening? I need to figure out my red & white outfit options; so far I have 8 "maybes."