Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cut it out, $10,000 Dodgeball Tournaments!

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You know if I'm posting on a weekend,  it's gotta be something big.

AND IT IS!  My dodgeball team, the Devil Bats, won $1,000.00 in a dodgeball tournament yesterday.  It was our biggest win yet.

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The tournament was thrown by my friend Dan, the founder of Dodgeball Nation.   The top prize was $10,000, so teams came from all over North America to compete.  We played and watched teams from Ottawa, Wisconsin, L.A.,  Dallas, P.E.I. and of course Toronto.

After seven (7) hours of playing, the Devil Bats came in third out of twenty-two (22) teams.

Revel in our sweat-drenched bodies!  Did I mention it was seven (7) hours of playing?  But in the end, we smelled like hundred dollar (dolla? can I pull off dolla?) bills. 

To celebrate, we like to take a picture to demonstrate how sexy we are, followed by jump shots.  You know, all the standard sport team shots. 

Here's us in February when we came in third place and won $750, and us yesterday after coming in third place and winning $1,000.  If nothing else can be said for us, we're consistent.  And quite possibly growing sexier (and a little more naked, for some people).

...And we're definitely getting worse at jump shots.  But hey, that's nothing $1,000 can't fix. 

Thank you Eric, Velvet, Kerry, Lazy, Sammie, Mergeler, Mike and Jonah, my teammates that I cherish very much.  We'll be playing in a tournament in July 2012 to win $15,000, so expect to see a few more sexy shots (SFW), and hopefully a shot of us jumping for joy with $15,000 raining upon us.  And also sweat.  Lots and lots of sweat. 

Check out me (and my roomie Heather) in action!   As you can see, I'm an invaluable part of my team.  I also apparently have the stance of a caveman.  $15K, here we come. 

*Photo credits and big thanks go to my friend and fellow dodgeballer, Ryan. 


  1. Congratulations to everyone for making this tournament EXACTLY the same as the last one. Whomp whomp.

    Also, watch yourself Jonah...I *almost* caught that ball you're about to throw at me. (I didn't bother throwing at you Sam, you looked too sad)

  2. Thank you for those...heartfelt...congratulations, Heather!

    But I agree, the results must be different for the 15K tourney. And I think you know what I'm thinking...slowly but surely sabotaging the first place team. Starting tomorrow morning. Emergency Club X meeting. 6AM. Meet me in the backyard. Bring the cat costumes.

  3. I retake everything I said before and I sincerely apologize to Jonah...I would have never thought of catching his ball :(

    If the Bats are recruiting, I'm the girl for the job! I can sure hang upside down and I like dark, porous caves. If not...Whatever (my motto).

    Congratz guys,
    Heather "Feather" Troll-opium

  4. Hey Heatha, nice to hear from you again! I'm not sure if we're recruiting, but I can tell you this: as long as you are in the possession of a POW jersey, you SHALL NOT BE A DEVIL BAT.

    So what say you we have a little bonfire in the backyard during that Club X meeting I proposed...if not...Whatever (your motto).