Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Me

I'm trying something new...join me if you dare.

But no big deal if you don't.

I assume that you're like most readers in that you follow several blogs and not just mine (WHY?! I'm all that you need!). If so, you might find this thing I'm hawking to be helpful.

I'm trying to pay a lot of attention to my blog these days. Trying to nourish it, make it grow, and yes, perhaps expand my following.  I just signed my blog up for Bloglovin, "the easiest way to follow your favorite blogs!" All you do is log in, find your regular blogs and then you'll be able to see all of the latest posts and updates in a single location. My friends say it's very helpful. Easy breezy. Cuts way back on those tiring mouse clicks, which is a big problem these days.

So if you're interested, click the below link. If not, we shall never speak of this again and I'll see you in hell.

(just kidding! I'm going to bring this up all the time.)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

And remember, trying new things is good. If people didn't try new things, we never would have discovered that geese look so good in fancy-lady clothes.

And that would be very sad.


  1. dude this blog literally fucking rules

  2. What a dear! Thanks so much. I was so intrigued by your name that I swung on over to your blog. Even though I don't know anything about Star Trek, I enjoyed it just the same, especially the pictures and when you talk about the food you eat. And the costumes! Plus the valentines.

    Also, thanks for commenting on a post with zero comments so I don't have to look at that "0" anymore. I'm going to do the same for you :) Here I go......

  3. Also, it just occurred to me in a moment of horror that you may well have been referring to Blog Lovin. If so, then yes! It's quite the handy site! And I'm not embarrassed at all!