Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Part II

Yesterday was American Thanksgiving, aka Thanksgiving Part II, aka the day my boss lets us order in Swiss Chalet Festive Specials for lunch. It was also the day when I got to wear my sexy turkey costume to work.

You know, people scoffed last Halloween when I told them of my sexy turkey costume plans, but I was thinking of the long-term benefits. When would I ever reuse a sexy pigeon costume?! I have no regrets.

Though my Thanksgiving was spent in an office, it was probably pretty similar to yours.

We expressed our gratitude for the meal we were about to consume.

We feasted.

We forced festive cheer upon those who did not want it.

And we spilled cranberry sauce on the white carpet.

The stain is now covered by a desk drawer that must forever remain open.  The boss will never suspect a thing!

This year, I am thankful for many a reason.

I am thankful for the Great Grains Facebook group, of which I participate in daily.

I like talking to other people who enjoy Great Grains.  And I like talking about cats in relation to Great Grains. And I like talking about my ideas for Great Grains-themed fanfictions (mostly non-erotic).  I think the group might hate me but I sure do love them.

I am thankful for my roommates, who make me laugh and are among the very few people that I could stand seeing in the mornings for 6:00 a.m. jogs.

(Explanation: we've just embarked on a new fitness routine and I am actually very pumped about it because I love exercise, even when it takes place in the pitch black and it's minus ten Celsius outside.  Talk to me in a week to see how pumped up I remain.)

My roommates are also perhaps the most frequent commenters on my blog and I promise you that I do not force them to do this.  Yes, I give each of them the silent treatment until I see a sufficiently complimentary comment on each post, and yeah, I withhold necessary life resources from them until they congratulate me in person on each new post , but I use no force.  I'm way too busy for that.

I am thankful that Money has made it through another year.

That may sound callous, but I think it is something worth celebrating.  It's been a rough year for Money.  There was that short bout with fleas (are they still there? Who knows? It's more fun being a mystery) and her balance has grown so poor that she falls off the couch at least twice a day.  It's not easy being Money but at least she looks good in hats.  A lot of cats don't.

I am thankful for an eventful year of travel that allowed me to see my Mom and my brother Devin, hang with my cherished old friends and also make a few new ones.

(fancy photos courtesy of my talented friend Jenn)

But mostly I'm thankful for the self-serve frozen yogurt place that's opening up right by my work. That stuff is crazy!

(I hope you had a) Happy Thanksgiving, my American family and friends!  Let's just ignore Black Friday, aight? Unless it's at Target and then I completely understand.